Specially designed for escalator updating, it can be widely used in shopping malls, office buildings, subways, stations, airports and other buildings, making escalator updating more convenient, more economical and realizing perfect escalator updating.
EME Embedded renewal type escalator(HS220)

ModeClassifyVertical heightInclination SpeedStep widthFlat stepsUse

Embedded renewal type escalator

1.2m~30m30°,35°0.5m/s600mm,800mm,1000mm2~4It is suitable for shopping malls, office buildings, subways, stations, airports and other buildings to achieve perfect updating of escalators

04 Embedded design, perfect escalator replacement
It gets special truss chord layout. Chord applies rever sal installatiomode. Truss gets the narrower width than traditional chord layout.
It adopts multi-section separation design for upper/ lower machine room, upper lowersteering section some center sections, single -section length is less than 2.4m, weight is less than 1000kg, these parts can be easily transported by small vehicles, elevator and ete vehicles, hand lift truck,elevator and etc.
It completely retains the original escalator truss and its cladding, each parts of SAA escalator will be easi embedded into the original escalator truss, it precisely matches with the building structure and perfectly renews the escalators.
Special truss connection design increases the origina truss strength with the safer products.

Each module of EME escalator is connected with bolts. Embed the updated EME escalator in use after the New Year. Easy access Replacement of the line module. Easy to realize the renewal of the escalator, is the old escalator in the subway "- forever "renewal scheme.

EME of Six innovative features
01  It keeps the complete original truss

03 Multi-section separation desian, more convenient
in delivery
05 Firm and stable truss connection, more safety products
06 Modular installation,Easy to update the escalator

02 It gets special truss chord layout

Truss gets the narrower width than traditional chord layout It keeps the complete and original truss including all of horizontal member bars. It accurately matches and connects with the replaceable escalator structure with the higher strength.

8 Values of EME
Install escalators in escalators. The impact on the environment is the smallest, No need to close passageways and exits,Shopping malls stay open and almost no impact on the architecture or the decoration.


Embedded modular integration, The construction period is extremely short and the quality is more reliable.

It can be easily transported with equipment such as  small vehicles, trolleys, elevators, etc and it can enter the installation position flexibly.

Comply with GB16899-2011 and EN115-1:2017+A1 compatible with American ASMEA A17.1-2008 and Korean KC standard.
Suitable for any brand and model of old escalator.
It can meet all functions of traditional escalator.
Synchronous armrest belt can be used to ensure passenger safety.
The embedded and updated module is easy to disassemble, easy to repair and update.
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