Humanized production and manufacturing concept, in-depth consideration of escalator safety, aesthetics, performance and other aspects of customer demand, to bring passengers a smooth and safe experience of the escalator, on the way up and down to enjoy comfort and relaxation, but also add luster to the gorgeous business environment.

ModeClassifyVertical heightInclinationSpeedStep widthFlat stepsUse
HS200Commercial   escalator0.8m~8m30°,35°0.45m/s,0.5m/s600mm,800mm,1000mm2~3Hotel,Mall,Bank,Office building,department,
General public escalator1.5m~12m30°,35°0.45m/s,0.5m/s600mm,800mm,1000mm3~4Mall,Airport,Station,Subway
Public traffice escalator1.5m~18m23.2°,25°,27.3°,30°,35°0.5m/s~0.65m/s600mm,800mm,1000mm3~4Airport,Station,Subway
Heavy load public traffic escalator1.5m~90m25°,27.3°,30°0.5m/s~0.75m/s800mm,1000mm3~4Airport,Station,Subway

Unique brake device: realize the free adjustment of brake torque during the running up and down and ensure the steady and safety.
Running direction displayer: massive dot matrix can display the running direction to increase security.
Fault display: when the fault occurs, the fault code will be displayed on the fault screen, which is good for judging the fault position and improves  the efficiency of maintenance .
Skirt panel lighting device: it keeps the beams of light elegant and highlights the visibility of escalator in the whole building to make customer more comfortable and safe.
Commercial escalator

Run efficiently, create with precision work and wisdom and let the city operation in order .
High-precision traction machine: provide escalators for a strong delivery power .
Variable frequency drive control: remarkable energy-saving effect, increase the service life of the equipment and reduce the operation cost .
Step road guide rail design: fixed the steps on the step guiderail, control steps' running direction and improve operating efficiency.
Super load and resistant to corrosion: use firm parts to flexibly satisfy commercial delivery needs.
Well considered in every aspect, especially in safety protection, everything is perfect.
The excellent system can achieve the delivery of a large   of passengers and cargo.
Microcomputer control panel: quick operation speed, powerful interna function and high stability.
High precision displacement detection technology: it can achieve the leveling accuracy with nearly zero-to-zero and makes passengers in and out as easily as on smooth groun. Advanced handrail drive: accurately combining the friction wheel drive with V-belt drive, this design not only improves the driving force,but also prevents handrail from surface damage.
The anti-skid slot on the surface of small pedals: let customers experience the safety and comfort.
The perfect configuration can greatly improve the opnal efficiency.

The big radius and equal arc rotation handrail guide: the use of handrail chain can effectively reduce the friction and prolong the service life of handrail Ultra-quiet traction machine: it can effectively prevent the vibration. The landing plate possess the design of special mute shock-absorbing and the tensioner can effectively prevent the noise better.PLC automatic oil lubricating control system: fulfill the ideal automatic lubricating for transmission chains in the process of moving walkways running and prolong the service life of transmission mechanism.
Public traffic escalator
Public traffic escalator
Heavy load public traffic escalator
Public traffic escalator

Steel pioneer,sturdy and durable

- Truss adopts angle iron with unique structure with high strength ,thorough antiseptic treatment, excellent effect and long service life.

- The overall design is concise and smooth and compable.
Advanced international craftsmanship ensures the accuracy of step running.
- The large size diameter of step roller with stable running,low noise and long service llfe.

More than 60%
Low energy consumption
Superior frequency conversion control technology
Control automatic lubricating system
Roller external specially designed roller cascade chain
Energy conservation and low consumption, stable running
- Excellent frequency converting control technology, escalator can automatically run in low speed or even stop running under no-load state, when passeng  pproaching, it returns to not  speed, energy-saving effect  is above 60% .
- PLC automatic oil lubricating control system: fulfill the ideal automatic lubricating for driving chains in the process of escalator running and prolong the service life of driving mechanism.
- The roller is placed outsider specially designed to step chain, effectively save site maintenance time.

Large diameter step roller

Longer lifetion

Smooth operation

Less noise

Public traffic escalator

Hanson public traffic escalator

Hanson public traffic escalator integrates perfect functional configuration with flexible appearance design, adopts novel durable materials, and alizes perfect integration with building in spatial planning. Its durable and operational performance can completely satisty traffic needs of public places like subway, overline bridge, station, and airports, provide perfect solution for creating city's

convenient public system.

Aesthetic design, humanistic care

Vertical balustrade and inclined balustrade with multiple colors of handrail and balustrade can be choice, satisfy the diversified demand.

Heavy load public traffic escalator

Freqiency converting control

Dual patten with frequency converting control and star/detta start control guarantees stable operation of heavy load escalator.

Handrail terminal drive

The handrail terminal drive mode adopts second level of transmission and closes coordination between V-belt and friction wheel to reduce andrail friction coeffcient and realize energy saving.

Water level detector is installed in lower machine room(outdoor escalator)

This water level detection sensor can automatically detect water level and find out ponding problem.

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