Synchronous Handrail

Revolutionary innovation ——
Synchronous handrail belt structure and drive mode
Handrail belt runs in absolute sync with the steps
More durable handrail
With the rapid development of urban construction and rail transit, passenger flow continues to rise, and safety accidents also increase. Escalator, as an indispensable means of transportation in shopping malls, subway stations, airports, buildings and other public places, is particularly important. Escalator safety accidents, slip and fall accounted for 40%, among them. Illegal carrying, children retrograde frolic and other human factors. The biggest inducement is that the speed of the armrest belt is lower than the speed of the steps and causes the human body to recline and accident, which belongs to the unsafe factors of the equipment. In order to fundamentally solve this kind of problem, Hanson lift changed the traditional armrest belt structure and drive mode, realize the absolute synchronization of armrest belt and step operation, remove the hidden danger of safety, solve the industry century-old problem.

Research and development background

Made of polyurethane NT bright profile in six colors (black, grey red, blue, green and brown) with a 5-year warranty.
Absolute synchronization
The driving structure is changed from the traditional friction driving structure to the gear type, and the absolute synchronization between the handrail belt and the step operation is realized.

Remove potential safety hazards
Remove the traditional armrest belt asynchronously sent into the hidden danger.
Handrail is more durable
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